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KMIT UGM merupakan salah satu himpunan mahasiswa jurusan di Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Gadjah Mada. Kelurga Mahasiswa Ilmu Tanah (KMIT) merupakan

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Jurusan Tanah yang didirikan pada 26 November 1974 dengan semangat Keilmuan, Kekeluargaan dan Kerakyatan.

Ten types of guys that you’ll meet at college.

Ever since my parents told me a story about how they met in college, I was looking for a chance in my own undergrad of romance. At university, rumor has 5: 1 woman in male ratio, male.

You will see him on the front line of the protest, leading some grassroots organizations, passing on the edge of modern-day slavery and non-apocalytic debates in the classroom. He’s usually so busy that he can’t be with you and you. So fight power, my sister. And stay away …

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Yes, you applaud for \”Showtime at the Apollo\” or auditions for \”American Idol\”. No, you’re not getting a deal because of this. Music Man takes his higher education to try to continue his musical career. And, of course, he’s probably gonna be a bit of a kill on the campus radio and TV series. But his scooter is so bright that he probably can’t and will not shine on you …

He’s a scholarship holder, a Golden Key Scholar, making a list of Dean every semester and probably has 4.0 days from his private preschool. The smart pants, dressed in his sensible Kenneth Cole, and the neatly-pressed khaki, in fact, are good in the heart. He’s so got-getter that after graduation, it’s definitely gonna end up with a solid pickpocket. But his vision of the tunnel and the habits of a serial study leave little time for relations …

If your school is like mine, the election season is very high. By mid-January, he became as serious as if President Obama and former Romney’s candidate were back in the neck and neck. Mr. Student Government-the self-declared voice of the people-has always promoted its platform, wherever it may be. I can’t even lie-SG is the eye candy in his suits, the fresh haircuts, and the rhetoric. But his political agenda does not leave much time for your people. Vote \”no.\”